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A Weekly Devotional

The World, As We Know It by Jennifer Alden

Posted on February 14, 2018 at 1:00 PM

I was diligently working on my book, "The World, As We Know It" in 2012 through 2014. I calculated that in the more than 14 months of working on this book, I must have re-read it a minimum of 15 times. And though this book has already been published, I have insisted that I go through it at least one more time.

Each time that I read this book, I have learned a little bit more about myself: my weaknesses and my strengths. I am also reminded of what it is that I must do in my everyday walk to ensure that I too am doing my part here in this world.

We are each reminded as Christians, as followers of the faith, that we are to keep a standard in terms of walking as an example for others, as He is our example. I think often of the choices that I have made that have inevitably led to sin in my life, and ultimately regret.

How often do we wish that we could undo those choices that have caused others so much pain, and the very years this pain has equally caused us in discontent? How often have we allowed those regrets to prevent us from moving forward?

Each of us have spent countless years in the wilderness, due to our own choices. The people who had counted me as unworthy, because of these wrongdoings were numerous. No matter what, there seemed to be no escape. I was living in the world, living for the world, and living by the world. Mediocracy was all that I hoped for. There was a spirit of almost offense that kept me, sadly, hardhearted. I wasn't concerned for others; "to each their own". What didn't kill me, did make me stronger, or so I believed.

There is a spirit of offense in many. We are offended by those who have hurt us, even when it is unintentional. We are bombarded with this offense, pain, fear, regrets, discontent, anger and sadness.

There were those who would explain that I must let go of the past. I would question, "But, how do I do that?"

The answer that I had to discover for myself, was in learning to allow myself to forgive. I had to invite Jesus Christ into my heart. He began in me, this process of forgiveness. It took me several years to finally let go; and even now, I have to consistently ask Jesus to take the wheel. I have to remind myself that He is in control, and not me.

I spent years self-soothing and doing it my way. I had to make up my own mind, once and for all, that I was not going to live that way anymore. I had to make a decision that I wanted to change. I had to read the Word of God and rediscover who I am in Christ. I had to discard other people's opinions of me and instead, hear what the Word of God had to say.

I cannot always explain everything that happens in this world, nor will I pretend that I have all the answers. I will say that something remarkable has happened to me. There is a knowing in my spirit that even in times of turmoil, I just cannot explain. It is a peaceful state of being. It is in this place, in His presence, that I can truly find peace.

They say that the world is a big, bad place these days. I will say that there are choices being made in this world that make it appear as if that is so. We are in a sign of the times, no doubt. We must all understand that to make a difference in this world, it does require that we first start within our own heart. Our ministry begins in our homes, beginning with the way that we speak to our spouse, our children, and how we choose to live.

Ultimately, I had to stop and ask myself this very question, "What does the world mean to me, and what am I willing to do to make a difference in it?" I then, had to make a decision to do it.

Let us each put away the excuses, the countless blameless games, and instead, with one foot forward, let us each take a step in creating an imprint for change.

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9:41 AM on September 8, 2016 
Thank you for your encouraging word segments on OJNR.