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A Weekly Devotional

Step Into Your Anointing by Jennifer Alden

Posted on July 11, 2018 at 1:00 PM

A good friend once exclaimed, "Step into your anointing!" This was during a time when the enemy was quite diligent in trying to sideswipe me and on every life-avenue. Life was happening and it was happening fast! It was all I could do to keep up with this new and not so improved, fast-pace...

You see, I was no longer the co-pilot in life; but, was, now, having to learn to fly solo, and in many ways. The better part of the last ten years had been committed to my family, and in my doing this ministry. The changes that were taking place, were almost more than I could bear. I felt alone and afraid. My thinking was changing and it was all I could do to not stay focused on me.

Rick Warren shares, "When people are in deep pain they don't need explanations, advice, encouragement, or even Scripture. They just need you to show up and shut up. Just be WITH them. It's the healing ministry of presence." And although, we do always need Scripture, I do understand what he means.

There have been many life-transitions that have taken place, and most of which I would not have chosen for myself or for my family. In being submissive to the Holy Spirit's guidance, I've learned that who the people are in my life and where they're supposed to stand with me, is very important and all part of this very strategic process of enduring.

I have learned the necessity of practicing what is true and correct in the building of the body of Christ on this Earth. I am learning what we must each do for these necessary building-blocks to be in-place, in hopes of ever reaching His eternal Kingdom.

Where we stand today, isn't necessarily where we'll be standing tomorrow. And the people who stand with us, is vitally important in who will be standing with us for all eternity.

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