OJNR Offers Listeners an Inspirational Talk-Radio Format Transmitting a Mixture of
Christian Music, Christian Talk and Teaching, Music News and More


One Jam Nation Radio Continues to Expand with New Shows and Features Being Added Regularly, Along with an Ever Growing Playlist of the Latest and Greatest Christian Music

ONE JAM NATION is working to develop and transmit more educational, entertaining, inspirational news-related programming. Our hope is to reach the whole world community with the good news of the Gospel, good clean entertainment, and valuable information for everyday Christian life.

As we expand on the world-wide airwaves, in both audio and video communications, we will continue to transmit a mixture of Christian music, Christian talk and teaching, music and event news, featuring more inspiring artists, songwriters and the Christian Entertainment Industry, as a whole. “The Lord had given me a vision for OJNR, one that would overflow the box of what the show ONE JAM NATION was, to what it potentially could be,” states network founder, Jennifer Alden. “I had envisioned a radio network at first and then, was reluctant to move forward with it; I knew this would be stepping out into unknown waters. We are now going into our fourth year on air, and are even entertaining, not only more studios, but also television. I am so happy to be part of this amazing network and all that the Lord is doing through it.” Alden explains, “Continuing to grow is paramount, as this will go far in expanding the capabilities we have in reaching the masses for Christ.” 

ONE JAM NATION is becoming a platform where artists of all musical backgrounds, engineers, producers, media, as well as other networks and organizations, and of course the listeners, can come together, working together, to deliver a message of hope to all the world!